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Affinity | Allentown, PA

Affinity, a joint venture of Lehigh Valley Hospital and Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital, provides a unique service to the Lehigh Valley. It combines four services under one roof for one stop service in occupational medicine, outpatient rehabilitation, industrial medicine and work hardening.

The convenience of the program benefits providers as well as patients by providing consistency of treatment, reduced paperwork, better patient follow up and, best of all, reduced costs.

Designed by Wallace and Watson Associates, Allentown, Affinity is housed in a 28,000 sf facility geared for flexibility. For example, a major aspect of the service is work hardening. Work hardening is designed to help a patient recover and retrain the physical attributes necessary to perform their occupation. Whether it's building a house, loading a truck, or carrying a briefcase, Affinity will provide the program to help the worker regain his job.

Bracy Contracting was selected to build this state-of-the-art facility based on their proven ability to delivery similar projects on time and on budget. Like most of their assignments, time was an issue. In order to meet advance commitments to clients for services, Affinity accelerated the construction and decision-making process. Driven by Bracy's Project Manager, Jim Schunk, the project team moved rapidly to incorporate refinements to the design, as the scope of the facility developed.