LVH AmbulatorySurgery

Lehigh Valley Hospital

Ambulatory Surgery Unit and Operating Room Renovations | Allentown, PA

The renovations of the Ambulatory Surgery Unit (ASU) and the operating rooms ran concurrently. Improvements of the operating room facility called for the renovation of nine suites with the stipulation that, at any given time, five of the suites had to remain in service to be accessible for delicate procedures scheduled for that day.

Pre-construction team planning also included contingencies for any work stoppages resulting from unscheduled emergencies. ASU renovations were completed without any delays due to extensive planning to maintain HVAC and electrical services throughout the hospital.

In order to maintain their schedule, Bracy Contracting utilized their own work force to perform the demolition and to install doors, hardware and millwork. This residual work force allowed Bracy to push the schedule and maintain the control required to complete the project on time. During the pre-construction phase, field surveys were conducted with the architect, engineer, and the hospital facilities staff to determine as closely as possible the actual field conditions. Knowledge gained through the surveys was incorporated into the design documents and bidding information for the subcontractors.

Working as a key member of the project team, Bracy’s input enhanced the project scope and value and ultimately met the hospital’s crucial completion date.

Lehigh Valley Hospital was able to maintain their daily operating room schedules without having to postpone or reschedule any operating procedures.


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