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Eastwood Nursing/Rehabilitation

PersonaCare Corporation | Easton, PA

When PersonaCare Corporation of Baltimore, Maryland bought Eastwood Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, part of the purchase agreement included the upgrading of the physical plant to meet the latest state code requirements.

Working with Treby-Howard-Philips, Architects, P.C. of Allentown, Bracy Contracting Inc. was selected as construction manager for this extensive rehabilitation. Services included planning, scheduling, value engineering and budget preparation.

During the construction phase, patient rooms were reconfigured, the electrical system was upgraded and a multipurpose room for residents was added. All these activities took place while the facility was fully occupied by residents and staff.

“Bracy was very accommodating to our patients and staff. Their extensive health care experience was evidenced by their sensitivity to our people, and their ability to work within a fully functional health care facility with little disruption to our schedule,” said Ed Keyes, President. “Overall, I’m very pleased with how this project turned out.”